The Auto TASER® Weapon locks to your steering wheel. A remote control arms it with 50,000 Volts of immobilizing power. It comes with window stickers to forewarn intruders. Any motion or vibration like a window breaking, a door being jimmied, or someone getting into or moving around in a car will set off a very loud 130 decibel alarm from the device. Five seconds later the Auto TASER® Weapon emits 50,000 Volts - enough to stun a person and make them immobile. The 50,000 volts continues intermittantly for up to four hours on it's own power source. The car horn, lights and battery are not affected. Blue sparks are visible that radiate 2" from all around the device. Anyone entering any part of their body or clothing within that 2" electrical field will be rendered immobile.

The voltage continues intermittantly rendering the perpetrator completely immobile for up to four hours. That is plenty of time for law enforcement to arrive, so an arrest can usually be made.

Lock the Auto TASER® to your steering wheel with the key provided. It is adjustable, so it is very fast and easy to attach to your steering wheel. Position the end of the device over your car stereo so it is also protected. Lock your car as usual first, and then arm the Auto TASER® Weapon with your remote control. When you return to your car, disarm the Auto TASER® Weapon with your remote first, and then approach and unlock your car. Auto TASER® Weapon effectively protects your car 4 ways and does not interfere with any other auto alarms your car may already have.

The complimentary carrying case is a leatherette bag that protects the polished finish of your Auto TASER® Weapon when not in use. Stow your Auto TASER® Weapon under your driver's seat or in your trunk. The carrying case protects your Auto TASER® Weapon from scratches while you are driving.

The Auto TASER® Weapon comes with one Remote. Additional Remotes can be purchased for $39.95 plus shipping. Get one for every driver in your family. Up to 4 remotes can work with each Auto Taser. Over 1 billion codes with code hopping technology prevents thieves from duplicating your remote.


Auto Taser$199.95

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