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TASER® Weapons:
M18L Advanced Laser Taser
M18 Advanced TASER® Weapon
Air TASER® Weapon Laser Kit
Air TASER® Weapon Sports Kit
Air TASER® Weapon Kit
Air Taser
Phone Taser
TASER® Weapon Stungun

Holsters for Advanced Taser:
Swivel Clip Holster
High Ride Holster
Shoulder Holster
Thigh Holster
Fanny Pack

Holsters for Air Taser:
Behind-the-Back Paddle Holster
Leather Duty Holster
Auto Visor Holster
Shoulder Holster
Thigh Holster
Fanny Pack

TASER® Air Cartridges for All Tasers:
TASER® Weapon TASER® Air Cartridges
Leather Air Cartridge Holster
Canvas Air Cartridge Holster
Secondary Cartridge Clip

Laser Sight for Air Taser
Rubber Grip for Air Taser
TASER® Weapon Practice Target
TASER® Weapon Tactical Hat
TASER® Weapon Sunglasses
TASER® Weapon Jacket Patch
TASER® Weapon Security Decals
TASER® Weapon License Plate Frames

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taser.org authorized commercial distribution site for security firms, correctional facilities, bail bondsmen, security agents, security guards, body guards, private investigators and all U.S. civilians. U.S. law enforcement agencies only please call 1-800-978-2737. Dealer inquiries and all others call 1-866-TASER-COM or 1-800-352-5294.

M18 TASER® Weapon with Laser Sight M18L Laser Taser
M18 TASER® Weapon

TASER® Weapons fire 50,000 Volts up to 15 feet, with more stopping power than a .357 Magnum. Absolutely the best non-lethal protection for your home, business and auto. M18 TASER® Weapons provide the ultimate EMD TASER® Weapon technology for law enforcement and civilian personal protection.

Air TASER® Weapon Lasersight Weapon
Air TASER® Weapon Laser Sight Weapon
Air TASER® Weapon Laser

Air TASER® Weapon
Air TASER® Weapon


Air TASER® Weapons will drop an assailant every time with 50,000 Volts from 15 feet away. Air TASER® Weapons are easily concealed in a purse, handbag, briefcase, runner's fannypack, clipped to an automobile visor, in your pocket, or in a small shoulder holster. TASER® Weapons are not classified as firearms, so it's legal to carry with you in most states.
Air TASER® Weapons
Air TASER® Weapon Laser Sight Weapon
TASER® Weapon Cartridges (QTY:2)

Air TASER® Weapon
TASER® Weapon Stungun Weapon


Add a Cartridge to the TASER® Weapon Stungun, to upgrade it to an Air Taser. Single-use Cartridges fire a 50,000 Volt charge up to 15 feet. Fits all TASER® Weapons. The ultimate weapon for safe, effective personal protection.

New Items:
Cartridge Clip for M18 and M18L only Secondary Cartridge Clip for Advanced Taser

Air TASER® Weapon Phone Decoy with Fake Keypad Phone TASER® Weapon with Fake Keypad


Tactical Operations SWAT Hat Weapons Specialist Tactical Hat

Your Price: FREE
Ultraviolet protection TASER® Weapon Designer Sunglasses taser.org Logo Designer Sunglasses



Distinctive Black Ink Pen with Silver Logo Distinctive Black Pen

Your Price: FREE
Security System Decals: Protected By and Weapons Specialist Security System Decals



License Plate Frames TASER® Weapon License Plate Frames

Your Price: FREE
Embroidered 7-color Jacket Patch Embroidered 7-color Jacket Patch



For a Limited Time Only:
If you order free Hats, Sunglasses, Decals, Patches, Pens, or License Plate Frames without also purchasing a Taser, we charge you $4.55 each for shipping and handling, or $5.99 each for the hat and sunglasses. However, if you order any of the free items at the same time you order an Air Taser, you can also request 1 (one) free item postage paid. If you order an M18 or M18L Advanced Taser, you can request all 6 (six) free items postage paid - or - you can request 1 (one) free Shoulder Holster ($89.95 value) postage paid.

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