Nonlethal self defense weapon.
This is the TASER® Weapon Intelligent Self Defense System. When fired, the blast doors on the front of the TASER® Weapon are thrown off, and two probes are launched out up to fifteen (15) feet. These probes are attached with fine wire back to the Taser. Once they attach to the body or the clothing of the attacker, these probes conduct a FIFTY THOUSAND (50,000) VOLT electrical impulse from the TASER® Weapon into the body of the attacker.

These continuous electrical high-voltage pulses overpower the central nervous system in the body - incapacitating the attacker. The pulsing electrical jolts block communication from the brain to the muscles imparing the attacker from controlling his body. There is no permanent damage to the central nervous system. The victim suffers no unconsciousness or memory loss and will eventually make a full recovery.

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