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All items carry a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We will replace any broken TASER® Weapon properly registered under the Free Lifetime Warranty Program.

We ship by Priority Mail. M18 TASER® Weapons, M18L TASER® Weapons TASER® Weapon Sport Weapons, Air TASER® Weapon Kits, Hats and Sunglasses ship for $5.99 each. All other items ship for $4.55 each. Priority mail typically arrives second-day and always within 3 business days.

Free Items:
If you order free Hats, Sunglasses, Decals, Patches, Pens, or License Plate Frames without purchasing a Taser, we charge you $4.55 each for shipping and handling, or $5.99 each for the hat and sunglasses. However, if you order free items at the same time you order a Taser, you can also request 1 free item postage paid. If you order an M18 or M18L Advanced Taser, you can request all 6 free items postage paid, or you can request one free Shoulder Holster postage paid.

Outside the U.S.
If you are traveling to the U.S. and wish to make arrangements to have an order shipped to you in care of your hotel, please fax us your drivers license or other photo ID with your credit card order and hotel address so we can ship it to you while you are there. Fax to: 702-341-1652.

Restrictions: TASER® Weapons will not be shipped to NJ. You should be aware that there are also various restrictions in HI, MA, MI, NY, RI, WI, and some other municipalities. Please be aware of the restrictions, if any in your area. Remember that you possess and use a TASER® Weapon at your own risk. We assume no responsibility or liability for the possession or use of your Taser.

Privacy Policy: Purchasers must provide a driver's license number or other federal or state ID prior to shipping as part of the Anti-Felon campaign in cooperation with federal and local law enforcement agencies. This information remains confidential as specified by the privacy policy.

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For international dealer inquiries outside the United States only, please write international dealers or call 408-991-0797 regarding international dealerships only.

For all other dealer inquiries please write or call our offices at 702-341-1620 or toll-free at 800-352-5294.

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