TASER® Weapon Stun Gun

Powerful weapon that works as a conventional stun gun and can also be loaded with Air TASER® Weapon Cartridges for 50,000 volt stopping power at up to 15 feet away. A new cartridge can be reloaded very easily in less than 1 second. As with all TASER® Weapons, after firing it will also work as a conventional stun gun with the spent cartridge either in or out.

The TASER® Weapon Stun Gun can also be mounted with an optional laser sight for pinpoint accuracy and instant intimidation for a powerful deterrence. Shoulder holsters, duty holsters, fanny packs, auto visor clips and TASER® Air Cartridges are available accessories. Comes with complete instructions. Requires one standard 9 volt alkaline battery (not included). We recommend the Energizer 9 Volt battery for this weapon. It is not classified as a firearm. Nonlethal, it is safe for the home. It is legal to carry with you in most states. We do not ship to NJ. The highest usable power available anywhere on any stun gun. Air TASER® Weapon boasts an extremely formidable shock of 50,000 Volts with 7 Watts and 22 MilliAmps of stopping power. Size is 6" x 2.5" x 1" so it can be easily carried in any pocket or purse. This is the also the only stun gun that is part of the Air TASER® Weapon System.

TASER® Weapon Stun GunWas $99.99

This model is no longer available. Please see the M18.

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